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To qualify for a purchase, the customer must agree to the following Terms & Conditions.

The purchaser must agree that the personal information and delivery details entered to the order forms are truthful and correct.

Any transactions involving credit card fraud will be immediately reported to the authorities and be dealt with accordingly.

Mabuhay Flowers reserves the right to contact the customer to clarify and correct errors in the personal information and delivery details, but is under no lawful obligation to do so.

In case that the delivery details specified by the customer is incorrect, Mabuhay Flowers has the right to charge the customer the full amount of the transaction.
In the case of late deliveries, Mabuhay Flowers has the option to award promotional discounts or store credits for the customer’s next purchase, but is under no lawful obligation to do so.

If an order is not delivered, Mabuhay Flowers will replace the orders with the same value and re-deliver the order.

Mabuhay Flowers offers Same-Day Delivery for flowers ordered before the cut-off time, provided an accredited florist is in the area. Orders placed after the cut-off time will be delivered the next working day.

The customer receives a confirmation email for each order placed. If for any reason we cannot meet the desired delivery date of the order, we will inform the customer via email and contact number specified in the order forms. You may contact our toll-free hotline to know if the delivery area you are looking into is among our serviceable areas.

Mabuhay Flowers reserves the right to modify order specifications to conform to its corporate policies.