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Mabuhay Flowers is an online flower delivery business that prides itself in delivering exquisite flowers, gifts, chocolates, balloons, teddy bears and many other flower arrangements specialising solely in the Philippines. Our successful team composing of professional florists with decades of experience in the flower industry is dedicated to serving you the very best and the freshest flowers specially handpicked just for you and your loved ones. We cater to all types of orders and deliveries. Whether it be from foreigners who love to send flowers to their wives, loved ones or locals who want to experience the fast, easy, and most favorable online flower shopping available in the Philippines.

We understand the struggle of finding the very best online flower delivery service, who can actually guarantee quality service, and we’ve heard way too many stories of bad experiences from people ordering flowers for delivery from unregistered and fake businesses, especially when there is a very important event such as birthdays, anniversaries, or bereavements that people have entrusted to them to deliver as promised, but ended up losing money and highly disappointed because of the flowers that were never sent. We, at Mabuhay Flowers, don’t want our customers to feel that way ever, so we have decided to take a stand and stop the “broken promise” culture. We would like to express life and live by sending the best bouquets to our valued customers.

Considering that there’s a wide variety of flowers available here in the Philippines., although some may look great in pictures but actually smell bad because they are not freshly picked. With our team of premier florists, you should trust that we provide you with the very best quality and freshness of natural and organic flowers available. Our florists take extra care of the flowers like they’re already part of the family, sprinkled with love and passion. We, at Mabuhay Flowers, don’t settle for less, so we ensure that these blossoms are of the finest quality available locally here in the Philippines. There may be a lot of good florists around but our company’s team of professional florists are exceptional.

We appreciate every client’s effort to find the best choice of bouquets, so we make sure that the delivery of these flowers, in every way, wouldn’t impact the quality of our flowers. We won’t fail our trusting clients, so every part of the order-and-delivery must be completely assessed by our Quality Control Team. As we capture each highlights in the episodes of our client’s life, we essentially achieve to make fast and convenient delivery of your flowers. Over the course of years, we focus on the main idea that each client deserve his own way of presenting the flowers, so we make the best efforts to constantly to create a wide variety of choices, whether it be classical, or modern twists.

As a well-known online flower shop, at Mabuhay Flowers, we distinguish ourselves by creating a generation of flower delivery expertise. We may be virtually at service, but we have an extensive and well-connected network in the Philippines that aid in the quality of our flower delivery services, and a dedicated and passionate team that assures you get your “value-for-money” service.

Flowers are meant to be enjoyed and to bring smiles, so we embark on a mission to stunningly wrap your events with love and happiness, wherever you are, whoever its for and whenever great things happen.